Salvation Army Emergency Services (SAES) teams, recovery workers and financial counsellors, are active at multiple sites across the country assisting thousands of people each day.

The Salvation Army is unique in its response to disaster relief, recognising that there is no quick fix after a disaster. It takes time for individuals and communities to heal, we are best placed to journey with them through that difficult time.

Thank you! Your generosity means that the Salvos can provide financial and material support, advice and assistance for as long as it takes to make a full recovery.

To meet taxation and currency regulations, donations are processed within the country of residence of the donor. Donor preferences for the use of the money can be entered at a later stage, and will be respected. Please choose your country of residence and select the type of contribution you wish to make.

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Your Safety

Please note that we never ask you for Social Security Numbers or Passwords when making a donation. Please ensure that the URL of this page in the address bar begins with before completing this form.

Credit Cards

Credit card information is required to ensure your credit card is securely and properly processed. This information is solely used for the processing of the credit card and is not stored on our system.

If you feel a charge has been made against your credit card inappropriately, please contact your local Salvation Army centre and we will endeavour to refund the donation within 3 business days of being notified. For other system related enquiries, please use contact details which can be found here.